Hi Jenny, Trailer lights do not work or are broken ; Repairs Can You Do Yourself . This switch is important because it performs a critical safety function for the pop up. 7) Somewhere in the camper, you'll … And let m. It's been quite some time since I've posted, and, "Why's that one the wrong way?" But, I ended up reusing some of the cut off pieces in other parts (slightly straying from the directions on the package), so I didn’t have to use extra full tiles. I bought some 60 watt Edison bulbs and some LED, but neither say 120v or 12v that I can see. I'd love for you to share my ideas, but please only use one image with a link back to my original post. COUNT ME IN. I could just get a new fr, Can I admit that I'm feeling jealous? Read more. After cutting the first row to size based on the dimensions of my ceiling, I applied the panels with the adhesive and continued working until the entire surface was covered. I can get all appliances and lights to work when I'm plugged in, but not when it's unplugged. You’re not quite sure what happened here, as your RV lights worked just fine last night. I have 1994 Winnebago Vectra Diesel Pusher and I'm having trouble with the lights not working off the coach batteries. In this case you can replace the bulb with a new LED bulb with a … I unscrewed my ceiling brackets, installed the ceiling, and then put the brackets right back over it without any difference to how my door attaches to the ceiling for closing. I’m not sure I can find those in a LED so I may just have to change out the bulbs. 2012 Corvette Grand Sport. I actually plan to do a more detailed post on the process, but for now, if you go to You Tube and search Refresh Living pop up camper roof rebuild you’ll find a few videos on what we did. You could have a completely dead battery and still have good lights. 1972 vintage Apache Roamer pop-up hard side camper has working gas range and heater, electrical outlets, interior ceiling light and fan, like-new air conditioner, and exterior directional lights. These ceiling tiles are lightweight and easy to apply and will instantly update the look of your RV or camper ceiling! Sometimes it comes unplugged. A faulty or nonworking ceiling light can pose a serious fire hazard to your home. Camper refrigerators are not like your fridge back home. I have had no end of trouble with the lights of my pop-up camper. In our Viking camper the lights clip on to the support poles and have an outlet to attach a ceiling fan. Awesome Idea! If none of the lights work then you probably have a converter problem. Two types of a trailer wiring tester. Verified Purchase. So I did not remove the entire sheet of plywood/luan. It’s important to follow the instructions for planning out the layout of your ceiling first. pack of two. Problem: No lights work, including the RV ceiling lights. It’s hard to explain, but when you hold a sheet of the tile in your hand and shake it, it wiggles and bend (maybe similar to what a piece of cardstock would do?). Most likely, the 12V side of your charger/ power converter is not working … Samoleus RV Interior Lights, RV Ceiling Lights 4 Pack with ON/Off Switch DC 11-18V 600LM, Super Bright LED RV Ceiling Dome Light for Car RV Truck Caravan Camper Vehicle Trailer Boat (Warm White) 4.8 out of 5 stars 37. I installed the J-trim around the perimeter of the ceiling with Loctite adhesive and finishing nails. Troubleshooting. I can no longer read after dark. Best bet is to pull the fixture and do a good look over and test for electrical current there also. The Raven Pop-Up truck camper is light, weighing in at a respectable 1,040 lbs, which can be partially attributed to its low profile design. Not only is it your ceiling light, but every other light that’s not working. How thin are the tiles? Step 5. We have electric brake works fine turn signals and brakes lights on camper but no running lights on the camper but park lights on the truck. I have a solar panel on the roof and 2 leisure batteries, so energy supply shouldn’t be a problem, but I still wanted to preserve energy wherever possible, so I decided on installing 12V LED … Hook up your trailer and connect the trailer light harness. I used it for a week and I'm glad I bought it. Have a helper stand back to see if the running lights, stoplights and blinkers are working properly. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Pop up campers have a thermocouple - a pilot light failsafe that prevents propane from flowing to the burners if the pilot light does not burn within the prescribed amount of time (usually about one minute). Please be sure your vehicle is tow rated to tow that sort of weight. Next, press the LED strip light into the PC channel. Our Camper Selection Criteria Quality … Disconnect the generator from the power system. rockwood pop up camper troubleshooting guide problem: chain off sprocket solution: 1. raise roof to the up position and place support poles in each corner between the roof and sidewall extrusions. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. A super light-weight piece of material that can simply be glued up, and look like a painted tin ceiling? Here’s a quick tip. However, bigger items like this can be skipped if you cut a hole in your new fabric to accommodate … Let’s just say I had ceiling panels falling on my head while a few choice words flew out of my mouth. We rebuilt the entire frame of the roof, but because the area of the roof is actually a thick layer of foam, we decided to let that dry out, completely, and then repair the interior damage in a cosmetic way. X2 on the galley switch. (I also sprayed it with a bleach/water solution to kill any mold). I have the same roof issue, but am wondering what you did to the original shell to prevent your remodeled inside from having water damage again? I just peeled off rotted layers from the one part, but I was always gluing to wood. wires enter the canvas for the run up to the ceiling. Will. Try … I don't know if the converter has something to do with this or not… They can typically be removed using a screwdriver. 99.  It gets hot up there! In this case you can replace the bulb with a new … I face a similar problem on a Class C. Snow melt backed up through a fantastic fan hatch a while back and damaged the surrounding padded ceiling above the forward area of our RV. Install carefully as this channel will not come off once it has been applied. Reviewed on Jul 31, 2019 10 others also recommend for campers Quick look Bluefire 2 Pack DC 12V LED RV Ceiling Dome Light 300LM RV Interior Lighting Trailer Camper RV Lights Interior for Camper … The first thing you are going to want to do is use a circuit tester like # 40376 if needed and test the connector on your truck to make sure all of the functions are working. Is it the 12v lights or 110v? The main thing she needs to remember is to turn the electricity off before disconnecting the light fixture. Finally, connect the Strip light wire lead to any 12V switched source and enjoy your new Perfect Glow LED Awning light! This is a post sponsored by DIYdecorstore.com. How to Buy a Pop-Up Trailer. General Camper Setup / Take Down Please check the boards under "The Camper - At Th Campsite" for a possible more appropriate board for your new … Your email address will not be published. Learn how your comment data is processed. Great question. Planning my camper van lighting set-up. Only 3 left in stock. If the camper has been washed recently the outlet for the fridge may have gotten water in it. 2. rest the roof on the poles 3. remove idler sprocket assembly cover (2) 4. remove the screws from the idler sprocket … I’m actually working on that post right now! One or two lamps not working is one thing, but no lamps working leads me to believe a fuse has blown on the trailer or there is an open in that circuit. They are super thin. I debated using a sheet of bead board, but in a camper that we’ll be towing with our minivan, I didn’t want to add unnecessary weight. Two types of a trailer wiring tester. Also one last thing. Push the reset for the GFI (located on the outlet nearest … Thanks! LED lighting is extremely energy efficient–most of the estimates I’ve seen say that LED bulbs operate at about 1/10 the energy required for incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Best of luck on your new camper! I worry I won’t be able to latch my door back to the ceiling for storage. Thanks in advance for sharing responsibly! To tell if your RV converter is bad, you will start to see warning signs. If all the lights appear dim or you have no lights at all, check the trailer light … I think it looks as good as new; what do you think? Did you use the 2×2 tiles or the 2 x4 tiles, and how many did you purchase for your camper size. RVIA Certification. We had to replace the wood sides of the roof, and a couple of the 2 x 2s that ran along the top edges of the roof. Install the light bulbs and turn the light switch on. Not enough? Though all Pop-Up campers have different sizes and layouts, you can use these ideas and modify them to fit your own camper. I definitely understand your problem. Jenny, so you removed all of the wood “sheeting” from the ceiling and the loctite power grab adhered to styrofoam? These panels are so easy to use. running lights on camper not working « on: June 18, 2010, 09:57:23 am » Hey guys,lately when I plug up the camper to my truck the upper running lights do not work, all … Your interior lights are the easiest indicator. Plug the trailer into an outside electric source like those at campgrounds. So I just bought 120v light fixtures from home depot for my camper but was told by the local rv dealer that unless I rewired the entire electrical system to accommodate 120v, my camper would burn down. Join the DIY & upcycling community (and receive a FREE 2021 printable calendar!) Slip the fixture over the screws that secure it to the junction box and tighten the screws. If the ceiling light has already worked before, the lamp may be broken. Hi Jenny, How Much Does Pop Up Camper Remodeling Cost? Chocks-a-lot Offline Posts: 438. Tip. rockwood pop up camper troubleshooting guide problem: roof will not stay up solution: 1. inspect to determine if the roof has been over cranked. We took apart the whole roof structure and removed it from the camper to rebuild it.