This grants you … Just take the time to do it. Inside you can obtain the Knights of the Round Materia, the ultimate summoning spell in Final Fantasy VII. If you like you can buy the W-Summon Materia for 64.000BP in the Gold Saucer. The summon spell is capable of destroying most enemies with a single casting. FF VII. Ride the Chocobo toward the northeast corner of the map until you find a small island (“Round … Kill them with a Knights of the Round as fast as possible!. This thread is archived. One of the most valuable combinations in the game. You need the gold chocobo. For defeating Ruby Weapon, you'll receive a Desert Rose, which you can bring to the Kalm Traveler to get a Gold Chocobo and a master materia. Side Note: Final Attack + Revive. Black Chocobo + Wonderful Chocobo + 12 racing wins + Zeio Nut = Gold Chocobo Knights of the Round Materia With the Gold Chocobo, you can travel to any area of the world map. Following this guide, you shoudl end up with a Female Gold chocobo! I will destroy Emerald weapon and get my gold chocobo. Guide by Mr Thou. One thing you don't want to do here is summon Knights of the Round because he'll counterattack with Ultima. The Knights of The Round summon is the most powerful attack spell in Final Fantasy VII. The materia can be obtained by either breeding a Gold Chocobo to reach the hidden island or as a reward from the Kalm Traveller after defeating the Emerald WEAPON. Knights of the Round Materia Cave. Ride the Chocobo toward the northeast corner of … FINAL STEP: Go get some Materia! Final Fantasy VII Guides All About Chocobos. It might seem like a wast of time, but you get gil and items from the races. The Knights of the Round Materia Cave is located on a hidden island called Round Island in the northeast section of the world map. Enter the cave and examine the red crystal to get the materia. Off the top of my head you can now obtain the following: Knights of the Round Summon Materia; Mime Command Materia; Quadra Magic Support Materia To obtain Knights of the Round, you'll need a Gold Chocobo. There are two ways to get one: breeding or defeating Ruby Weapon. You also get all those cute chocobos. share. Use your Gold Chocobo to travel across the ocean to the northeastern section of the world map to a hidden island surrounded by mountains. Knights of the Round Table is a must have summon. Knights of the Round without breeding chocobo? 25 comments. I think it took a total of 4 to five hours to get it. 83% Upvoted. That is the easy way. Knights of the Round Materia [Click here for a map] – The most powerful Materia is located on a tiny island that doesn’t appear on any map and can only be reached using a Gold Chocobo. It is not identified on the world map but it is fairly easy to spot once you take your Chocobo out into the ocean. HP->MP Materia Mime Materia Quadra Magic Materia Knights of Round ... map and can only be reached on the back of a Gold Chocobo. It does not take too long. save hide report. The chocobo can also leave by his own without any provocation: ... Get the Knights of Round materia: take your Gold chocobo to the far north-east corner of the map to find a round island covered with forest. (FF7) The breeding in this game is infuriating! New comments … Can be reached with: Gold Chocobo.