Oslo 3. See what you'll need to earn to keep your current standard of living … Sydney 7. Shanghai has a lot of overnight train options, but it is pretty far from Southeast Asia, so flights cost a bit more. If you are paying in USD, it’s very cheap, but in RMB some flights are still prohibitively expensive (especially when we tried to book during the October holiday and round trip flights were 6-8,000RMB each! “That said, many of these cities have seen local inflation rising and it is interesting to note that Shanghai has now become a more expensive location than New York and Washington DC in the United States." Updated on Feb 2021. Zurich 6. Full cost of living comparison of Shanghai vs San Francisco, California. Melbourne 8. > Shanghai vs Singapore Cost of Living Comparison Between Shanghai and Singapore You would need around 38,888.93¥ (7,998.19S$) in Singapore to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 24,000.00 ¥ in Shanghai (assuming you rent in both cities). Compare the Cost of Living in New York, New York against another US Cities and States. Updated on Feb 2021. The average price of a single-bedroom apartment located in the city center shows how much of your salary would be allocated in rent expenses, and is an indicator of the cost of living of the city. Cost of living in Shanghai (China) is 31% more expensive than in Jeonju (South Korea) For example, you would need at least ₩1,699,717 (9,912元) in Shanghai to maintain the same standard of living that you can have with ₩1,300,000 in Jeonju. Source: numbeo.com, 2021. Osaka 4. 1. The cost of living in Shanghai is considered the highest in China and, according to Mercer's 2020 Cost of Living Survey, it's the seventh most expensive city out of 209 cities for expats. When I visited this website, I got all the information I needed about the cost of living in New York. Prices and comparisons for the whole range of expenses: food, housing, going out, etc. Related Questions for Shanghai. Even though everyone knows that the UN is one of the world’s best employers in terms of remuneration,I was worried about the cost of living since I have a large family who all rely on me. Salary.com's Cost of Living Calculator lets you compare the cost of living and salary differentials State to State or over 300+ US cities. Write for Expat Arrivals. Paris 5. ). Locals would need more than double their monthly income, or … Living costs in major Chinese cities have risen sharply over the past year, with Shanghai approaching the level of New York, the benchmark city in a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Shanghai New York, NY; Improve Data : Improve Data : Air quality: Low 25.00 Purity and Cleanliness Shanghai vs New York, NY. According to cost-of-living data provider, Numbeo, Shanghai is less expensive than New York, outside of housing. Prices and comparisons for the whole range of expenses: food, housing, going out, etc. Tokyo 2. https://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living/comparison/shanghai/new-york-city ... Get in touch if you can provide useful info on your city or answer forum questions from new expats. Top 10 cities in Worldwide Cost of Living Index. Full cost of living comparison of Berlin vs Shanghai.